New Coating

The innovative treatment "New Coating" was created for the BB, NNPB, PB processes and takes advantage of excellent and long-lasting results.

Designed in collaboration with research institutes and universities, "New Coating" guarantees fundamental advantages in the use of moulds.

Close up New Coating

Thanks to the analysis of results, the ideal parameters were defined for the application of the coating using HVOF (High Velocity Oxy Fuel) technology, with considerable advantages including:

  • increased swabbing interval;
  • improvement gob loading;
  • drastic reduction of mould wearing in the glass contact area;
  • longer life of the moulds;
  • unnecessary increases in glass weight;
  • reduction of glass functional defects;
  • better aesthetics of glass containers;
  • reduced mould maintenance;
  • less environmental pollution.


HVOF machining mould group