The products of Italian Glass Moulds satisfy all the requests of the glass industries thanks to the range of materials used and the different metallization technologies.

Moulds and bottom plates

Italian Glass Moulds produces moulds and bottom plates in steel, bronze and cast iron using quality materials and precision techniques, perfect for the production of glass containers of any shape, size and capacity.

Moulds and bottoms can be supplied metallized on the edge or fully.

The materials used

  • Cast iron
  • Bronze / Aluminium
  • Steel

Neck rings and guide rings

Italian Glass Moulds produces neck rings and guide rings based on customer requests with different materials and different types of metallization.

Glass mould rings set
Zenith view of mould rings

The materials used

  • Cast iron
  • Bronze / Aluminium
  • Nickel-based integral alloys

                            Perspective of collar assembly in nickel-based integral alloys


The production of Italian Glass Moulds also includes all the accessories necessary for the production of glass containers such as:

  • Blower heads
  • Plungers
  • Verti-flow plates
  • Thake out tongs
  • Thimbles
  • Funnels

                                        Single male glass container mould accessories

                                        Glass mould male perspective
Funnel mould glass container accessory